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About Me

About me

A little about me

Wanted to tell you my dear reader and potential client a little about me. I’m a kind, compassionate, easy-going, open-minded, generous, and non-judgemental. I’m Caucasian of northern European descent, red hair, blue eyes, hetero cis gendered male with little extra padding, pronouns he/him.
Cuddling is my favorite thing, ever, bar none. I’m a big believer in the benefit of touch, and I went into some of those benefits on the home page. This is one of those rare instances when the more we give, the more we have.
Today’s technology offers marvelous ways to connect to people all over the world, which is fabulous in a lot of ways, and at the same can cause folks to become socially isolated and lacking the human touch. The only real way to stay in touch is to actually physically reach out and touch someone.
I’m a computer geek by trade and love all things technology. However, social interaction and physical contact are essential to me, and I believe, to the whole human species. I love helping others get the touch they need. In addition to my love for cuddling, I also love all sorts of structure partner dancing. This includes dances such as salsa, swing, two-step, waltz, etc. Part of the reason why I prefer partner dancing over freestyle is that partner dancing requires a physical connection.
Listening to live music and attending live theater are other activities I enjoy. In order to not duplicate information found elsewhere, to learn more about me I invite you to check out my personal web site at https://supergeek.us as well as my personal twitter account @siggib007. Also, feel free to email me at siggi@cuddlegeek.com and ask me anything you like or to schedule a free no-commitment consultation. For more details check out our session information page.