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Client agreement and Waiver

AKA Code of conduct

This is a client agreement between CuddleGeek, hereafter practitioner, and the client seeking professional cuddling service.

  1. The client and practitioner both verify that they are both over the age of 21.
  2. The client and practitioner both agree to be free from any mind-altering substances during the sessions and are thereby fully able to give consent.
  3. The cuddle sessions are NOT to be interpreted as sexual. All touching, both given and received, will be conducted professionally with non-sexual intent. The client understands that while the sessions can be quite intimate, they are not to be construed as sexual service. If at any time this becomes confusing or blurred, the session should be paused so the situation can be discussed and remediated.
  4. Both parties require cleanliness and adequate hygiene. This includes: 
    1. Showering and having teeth brushed close to the appointment time
    2. Wearing freshly laundered clothing, comfortable for cuddling. Think comfy pajamas, rather than sexy lingerie. Whatever you are most comfortable in is recommended, maximize comfort over all else.
    3. Limit all scented products as much as possible
    4. Makeup should be avoided as the session is not about how you look.
  5. The beginning of each session will start with boundaries and consent discussion. Consent is always mandatory and given much focus.
    1. Both parties agree to communicate to the best of their ability and as clearly as possible:
      1. What they comfortable giving blanket consent for
      2. What they require consent for on a case by case basis
      3. What is always off-limits
    2. Both parties agree to honor all consent and boundaries strictly, and that both consent and boundaries can change at any time.
    3. Unilaterally testing boundaries is highly disrespectful and both parties agree that it is unacceptable. This does not include boundary exploration exercises, where parameters have been established and agreed upon ahead of time.
    4. If prior consent it revoked, that action must cease immediately.
    5. Both parties promise to voice any discomfort as soon as it comes up. 
    6. Tolerating or putting up with anything for any amount of time is not allowed by either party.
    7. If either party isn’t absolutely digging what is going on, adjustments need to be made immediately
  6. Both parties are requested to verbalize any unwanted actions before and during sessions. To avoid misconduct, either party may guide hands away from an action or give two quick taps to stop any action.
  7. Likewise it is perfectly acceptable to guide hands towards preferred action, even if no misconduct is taking place. It is best though to communicate this first. For example “this is fine, can I guide your hands to make it even better?” Remember Consent is important, which means asking permission every step on the way.
  8. Either party may stop the session at any point if this agreement is not being respected.
  9. The client certifies that, to the best of their knowledge, they are free and clear of open wounds, colds, and other infectious diseases that are transferable to others through regular session interactions. If not, they will share this with the practitioner before arriving at a session to gain consent to move forward or reschedule. 
  10. The client agrees to fully disclose any diagnoses or conditions that may affect their cuddling session to the practitioner.
  11. To respect the time of each party, any cancellation or reschedule should be done at least 24 hours in advance whenever possible. Legitimate health concerns should be the only reason to cancel with less notice. Either party reserves the right to terminate further contact if their time is excessively disrespected by frequent short notice cancellations. 
  12. The practitioner is only there to guide the session; the client is in charge and controls everything about the session.
  13. The client understands and agrees that any advice offered during a session is strictly provided as a friendly personal insight. 
  14. The client understands that the practitioner is not a licensed therapist or a licensed practitioner in any sense of the phrase. Sessions are not substitutes for therapy provided by licensed mental health professionals or other health professionals such as massage therapists. There will be no diagnosis or treatment of anything. If the session starts to steer in that direction, the client will be directed to seek out a licensed professional.
  15. CONFIDENTIALITY: No specific information regarding the client will ever be shared with another party unless the client has given written or e-mail permission. Only other exception is if the practitioner is served with a valid and duly executed court order compelling such release. Everything about every session will be held in strict confidence. This includes client lists, schedules, and more. Neither party shall repeat anything discussed during a session outside that session. Neither party will make any recording of the session and there will be no notes or records of any kind about each session outside each person’s schedule or calendar, which shall only contain a name, time, and location. Both parties agree to keep all personally identifiable information (PII), including name and address, in the strictest confidence and not share it with any person or entity without written permission from the other party or a duly executed court order compelling such release.
  16. Indemnification & Waiver of Liability: Client hereby agrees to release, waive, hold harmless, and indemnify the practitioner from any and all claims, loss, liability, costs, or damages to personal or physical property, of any nature, whether known or unknown, in law or in equity, which may arise in, from, or related to the course of any cuddle session or any other services provided to me by the practitioner.