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Due to the popularity of the service, sessions are often booked out a few days, so expect to have to plan out a few days

My cuddle studio is in the Eastgate area of Bellevue close to and with easy access to I-90. I charge $60/hr for professional cuddling sessions and I accept all payment forms, including cash, credit card, Apple/Google Pay, etc. A discount for a session that is multiple hours is available. I offer both in-call (you come to me) and outcall service (where I come to you). I do charge for travel that exceeds about 15 min from the Bellevue Eastgate area (I-405/I-90 interchange). We can figure all this out during scheduling. I charge a very competitive rate as I want to make this service available to as many folks as possible. I do offer a free no-obligation consultation session to answer any questions you may have and to help you be comfortable with me as a provider. I am more than happy to answer absolutely any questions you may have and provide you with any information that will help you be comfortable with me and the services I do offer. I am naturally a very open person and have no issues talking about pretty much anything. We can do this over the phone, video conferencing or in-person at a public place like a coffee house. Please email me at to schedule this

As a new client, we will need to have a brief conversation, over the phone, via video conferencing or in person, to confirm that what you are seeking is something I’m comfortable providing. I do not judge nor discriminate, so all are welcome. I just need to confirm that you understand what service I do and do not offer and what you are seeking falls within the services I offer. Also, establishing a level of comfort by both parties is an important part of this conversation. I will review with you our code of conduct during that call and answer any questions you may have. Please email me at to schedule this screening. 

Once we arrive at the session, there will be a brief orientation of the space we’re in, and then we always begin by acknowledging and agreeing to the code of conduct & waiver. Then we make the following agreement with each other:

“Consent is essential here, which is fundamentally based on well-defined boundaries and respecting those boundaries. This is accomplished by clearly expressing what either of us do or do not want. There is no need to justify or explain anything, and this is a judgment-free and shame-free zone. Feel free to ask for anything you want, this is your session, and you are in charge.

Can we agree that if at any time either one of us is even slightly uncomfortable, we will immediately communicate that clearly or physically correct the situation? “

I want to highlight again that this is a judge and shame-free zone. I would love for you to ask for anything you might be curious about or been wanting to try but feel funny to ask. I promise to respond without judgment and only engage in things I’m wholeheartedly willing to do. This is your session, and you are in charge. The only limits during a session are those imposed on us by Washington state laws.

From there, we will begin to work on whatever you want to work on. I have a queen bed that is raised up to make it easier to get in and get up from. I also have a reclining loveseat if that is better suited for our work. There is even a kitchen table and chairs if that is best suited for our work. The options regarding what we can work on are practically endless, and it all comes down to what you need and want. Here are three general examples:

  1. Many clients just want to be held. We’ll figure out the exact details of how you want this (spoon, pocket, mama bear, other), and we adjust as we go. This simply fulfills the client’s need for touch.
  2. Want a back rub, foot rub, etc.? I’m happy to provide that as long as you acknowledge I’m not a massage therapist and thus can not provide massage therapy services. All that being said I do give good back and foot rubs.
  3. Some want to experiment with different types of touch, and they like to explore what they do and do not like. This could include exploring different types of touch, the intensity of touch, as well as discovering what their boundaries are, as there are folks out there that truly do not know what their boundaries are.
  4. Others want to practice boundaries and clearly defending them. Here we brainstorm on a clear way to define boundaries, run through some exercises, etc. This can do wonders for social confidence and general self-confidence when you clearly know what your boundaries are. Also, being confident in saying Yes or No, in the appropriate situation can be a huge booster.
  5. Practice asking for what they want. There are some folks out there so focused on serving others that self-care and asking for what they want is a foreign concept to them. Practicing asking for what they want in a non-judgemental and shame-free space is very liberating, boosts self-confidence, among other benefits.

Does all this sound good to you, then send me an email to and schedule a session. By booking and completing a session with me, you agree to be bound by the code of conduct.

Alternatively, you can book me through Cuddlist at, Cuddle Companions at and Cuddle Comfort at You’ll get the best rate by booking directly with me via this site.

In order to honor commitments I made with those other sites, we will be adhering to the rules, code of conduct, etc., as specified on the site you first book me through. My code of conduct on this site is in spirit identical to the other sites. I did find the wording on some of those other sites a bit harsh so I softened the phraseology up a bit to be kinder and gentler to better represent who I am and what I have to offer and to emphasize your rights and your privacy as a client.